Once upon a time in Calgary, four (4) wannabee politicians wanted so much to be elected, they came up with a Mother of all political scams, and so was born the Ask Her Association. These founding members, presented themselves and their Association as an organization and movement, dedicated solely to funding and supporting and assisting women candidates, in getting elected to Calgary City council in the 2017 election. When all it was, was, one Big Con-Scam-Fraud.


KERRY CUNDAL LAWYER: 15% SHAREHOLDER: Running for MLA ABParty in 2023:

” The Founders of the Ask Her Association Calgary, continue to fight tooth and nail, to stop the truth from being told. They see the truth as their enemy and lies as their friend “.

# Esmahan Razav ran for Calgary Councillor in 2017 first in Ward 2 before she then  jumped ship to run in Ward 6 and failed. Razavi is also one of the founding member of the now struck  Ahlain Refugee & Immigrant Education Society. Razavi is a 15% shareholder of the Ask Her Association.

# Kara Levis is a Lawyer, who ran to become the Leader of the Alberta Party in 2018 and failed. Levis failed again when she ran as a candidate for the Alberta Party in Calgary Klein in the 2019 Alberta Provincial Election. Levis is a 15% shareholder of the Ask Her Association.

# Kerry Cundal also a Lawyer, ran as a candidate in the 2015 Federal election for the Liberals and failed. She then ran to become the Leader of the Alberta Provincial Liberals in 2017 and failed. She was a past Director of the failed Alberta Party. And Cundal is now hoping to win in Calgary Elbow as the Alberta Party nominee in the 2023 Provincial election…. She is also a 15% shareholder of the Ask Her Association.

# Lindsay Amantea also a Lawyer, failed in her aspirations when she ran for Vice Chair of the LPCA. And is also a founding member of the now struck Ahlain Refugee & Immigrant Education Society. And is a 25% shareholder of the Ask Her Association.

Right now, Barry Morishita Leader of the Alberta Party, who failed miserably in the Brooks Medicine Hat byelection, is maneuvering to salvage Kerry Cundal’s 2023 ABParty candidacy in Calgary Elbow. Barry Morishita has buried his head so far in the sand they’ll have to be renamed the Ostrich Party of Alberta.

Kerry Cundal, and the others motives were self serving. Using the Ask Her Association Calgary, to solely promote themselves and raise their profiles for their own political and other ambitions.

The amount of Duplicity and Dis-Honesty running throughout the Ask Her Association of Calgary, permeated by the founders and share-holders, is mind boggling – gobsmacking, and shocking.

Their corrupt and crooked actions fly in the face of the values that one would expect from those wanting to hold office. Those values are, Integrity, Ethics, Morals, Trust, Honesty, Respect, Truth, Transparency and most of all Accountability. My investigations have found that the founders and the shareholders of the Ask Her Association of Calgary have none of these traits.

23rd Sept 2022: CIVIL COURT BREAKING NEWS: Esmahan Razavis Court of Queens Bench Application to have the Court grant a restraining Order was Denied/Dismissed before Madam Justice Sidnell on the 15th Sept 2022.

Razavi filed that Application as part of her ongoing attempts to cover up, and also try to prevent, any meaningful investigations into her and her fellow Ask Her founders and shareholders, and their crooked and corrupt acts, and to stop those acts from being made public.

What will soon be published will also clearly show that the Calgary police aligned themselves with Razavi in the filing of that action at the Civil Court. When the Calgary police knew full well, that the allegations Razavi was peddling were Bogus. More coming soon

SCAM: Dishonest scheme, a fraud;  FRAUD: Not a mistake but a deliberate calculated act;

Esmahan Razavi and Lindsay Amantea, were also founding members of the Ahlain Refugee and Immigrant Education Society. That Society was struck from Alberta Corporate Registry, in October 2019, for their failure to file any audited financial statements or Annual Returns, since that Society was formed in 2015.

These founding members of the Ask Her Association ( Levis, Cundel, Amantea and Razavi ) and others, are still in the process of attempting to con Alberta Corporate Registry (as well as others) regarding the finances of the Ask Her Association and more.

My last contact with Alberta Corporate Registries was 11th August 2022.

Despite many, many requests, the above Directors and Shareholders of the Ask-Her Association have repeatedly refused to provide a complete list or any list at all of those who made campaign donations to Ask Her, or the amounts of monies they’ve received, or where those monies went, who spent what, and who received what, etc, etc etc.

Since they formed the Ask-Her Association in the March of 2016 and the election they failed to get one woman elected. They failed to fund any candidate and in the process betrayed many others. They set up their Association for the sole reason of raising their own profiles in their own failed leadership and election bids.

The founding members of the Ask Her Association are, Kerry Cundal (Lawyer) Kara Levis (Lawyer) Lindsay Amantea (Lawyer) Esmahan Razavi (failed candidate) 2017 Calgary election.


Every one of these individuals named have spun and weaved their threads into webs of lies. Those lies will be laid bare for all to see on this website and others.

Because the irrefutable difference between false allegations and the truth, is proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, it will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time. And their time is all but up.

The Ask Her Association took down their official website ( in the April of 2017. Prior to that, their site hadn’t been updated for well over 15 months. They stated that the site was under construction, undergoing a makeover and they’ll be back soon. The website has now gone forever. They’re now in 2020, trying to rebrand under (we shall see)