1. In the summer of 2016, Grace Nelson was approached by the founders of Ask Her Association Calgary. They told Grace that they wanted her to run for the position of Ward 6 Councillor in the 2017 Calgary civic elections, and under the Ask Her Association banner. They promised Grace Nelson, full support, with substantial funding and more, Grace accepted their offer and registered to run in Ward 6.

Little did Grace Nelson know, of the vicious betrayals that were to come.

2. In the September of 2016 Razavi made her intent known to run as a candidate in Ward (2) two in the October 2017 Calgary civic election. Razavi was then the sole challenger from the Ask her Association to the incumbent Joe Magliocca.

3. Razavi spent monies on Ward 2 large signs, badges made, pamphlets made, she took in donations, went door knocking, held event registrations. Her campaign team for Ward 2 two included all of the co founders Kara Levis, Kerry Cundal, Lindsay Amantea as well as other now new Board members of the Ask-Her Association.

4. Razavi had photo-ops with David Khan the Leader of the Alberta Liberal party, as well as the other founding members of Ask-Her. Her signs all clearly stating that she was… ” ESMAHAN RAZAVI THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR WARD 2 “.

ON THE 13th APRIL 2017 Richard Pootmans the Councillor for Calgary Ward 6, formally declared that he was going to retire from City council and not run in the 2017 election.

5. Razavi immediately, as in within 24 hours, announced her intention to now run in Ward 6. In effect abandoning Ward 2 residents that she had taken donations from, and to whom she had declared, that she was the right choice for them, for the last 7 months.

Razavi deserting the Ward 2 residents to now run in WARD 6, had her now running against Grace Nelson, whom Razavi, Cundal, Levis and Amantea had now ( royally and all the way up to the hilt ) stabbed in the back, with a javelin.

6. Razavis willing and complicit co founders, Kara Levis, Kerry Cundal, Lindsay Amantea all followed to now assist Razavi in running in Ward 6. Razavi had new large signs made,  new badges made, new pamphlets and began taking in donations for Ward 6.

7. The slogan Razavi had promised the voters of Ward 2, she was now promising voters in Ward 6. ” ESMAHAN RAZAVI THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR WARD 6

Esmahan Razavi was questioned under oath in these matters. Razavi was asked if she thought what they did to Grace Nelson was unethical, Razavi said No. Razavi was then asked if she thought what they did to Grace Nelson was immoral, Razavi said No…

There have been No apologies made to Grace and Roger Nelson or others.

There have been No reparations made to Grace and Roger Nelson or others.

For Cundal, Levis, Amantea and Razavi it was and still is, just business as usual.