1. Esmahan Razavi proudly boasts of being a founding member of the failed Ask-Her.org and the failed Ahlain Refugee and Immigrant Education Society, and now boasts of being a co-founder of askheryyc.org. Razavi ran for Calgary Councillor in 2017, first running in Ward 2, before deserting them and jumping ship to run in Ward 6, where she failed.

2. The Ask Her Association began operations in early 2016, Razavi is listed as one of the Directors, and also a 15% shareholder of the Ask Her Association. They are at present in default and violations with Alberta Corporate Registry’s for their failing to file any audited financial statements since their inception, sound familiar. (much more to follow on this)

3. Razavi proudly boasts of being a founder of the Ahlain Refugee & Immigrant Education Society. That Society was struck from Alberta Corporate Registry on the 2nd Day of October 2019, for non compliance’s, and their failure to file any audited financial statements or Annual Returns, since that Society was initiated in 2015, four years ago.


4. The Alberta NDP engaged in a cover up surrounding their former MLA Stephanie McLean and Esmahan Razavi, and the awarding of a very lucrative employment services contract given to Razavi by McLean, when Mclean was the Minister for the Status of Women.

The contract given to Esmahan Razavi was a two (2) year contract running from the 12th Day of February 2018 until the 31st Day of December 2019. The contract is worth a basic salary of Eighty Five Thousand Dollars ($85,000.00) a year, for a total basic salary of One Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars ($160,000.00) over the period of the contract.

A Hell of a lot of money for a failed Civic election candidate.

In the January of 2019  Stephanie McLean was specifically asked if that contract was a patronage appointment, or if Razavi engaged in an open competition for the position. Within 24 hours of that question being asked, McLean quit as MLA with the Alberta NDP. The NDP then engaged in a full cover up mode, refusing to answer to e-mails and voice mail messages, after initially promising they would provide full responses.

Ex Minister Mclean donated to Razavis 2017 failed Civic campaign in Calgary.

5. Although not a Lawyer like the other three (3) founders, Razavi was also not some Jane Doe who works as a cashier, or bus driver, or receptionist. Razavi knows full well the difference between what’s right & wrong, between misrepresentation and fraud, between honest and dishonest, and between the truth and a lie.

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