INVESTIGATION: Elections Alberta confirmed that Alberta Election Laws have been violated. The investigation file number is 2019-06-004. (more to follow)

The evidence that continues to be uncovered into “AskHerFraud-Gate” continues to point to the whole Ask Her Association set up, as being one massive con job and fraud, from the start.

These violations are eerily similar to the Alberta Election Laws violations committed in the Kenny-Calloway “Kamakazi-Gate”. Such violations which are still under investigation by numerous agencies including the RCMP.


” this is to confirm that an association named “Ask Her Association”, is not a registered third party advertiser with Elections Alberta.

Also, I believe you wanted to know if this association has made any contributions.  As I mentioned in our phone call, only registered third party advertisers are allowed to accept contributions from associations, as all other registered political entities in Alberta (e.g. parties, candidates etc.) are limited to accepting contributions from individual persons ordinarily resident in Alberta.

 An association is not allowed to make a contribution to a candidate, including a candidate that ran in the 2017 election.  Candidates can only accept contributions from individual persons living in Alberta.