1. Kara Levis is a Lawyer, and founding member of the Ask-Her Association. She ran for Leader of the Alberta Party in 2018 and failed. Levis also ran as a candidate for the failed Alberta Party in Calgary Klein in the 2019 Alberta Provincial Election, and failed.

Levis is also a 15% shareholder of the Ask Her Association.

2. The Ask-Her Association began operations in early 2016, filing their initial documents at Alberta Corporate Registry on the 19th July 2016. Levis at that time was listed as one of four (4) Directors, with the position of Board Secretary of the Association. The Ask-Her Association is at present in default with Alberta Corporate Registry’s for failing to file any audited financial statements since its inception.

Please view page titled – FINANCIALS

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3. Kara Levis is not some Jane Doe who works as a cashier, or bus driver, or receptionist. Levis is a professional Lawyer who knows full well the difference between what’s right and wrong, between fraud and misrepresentation, between honest and dishonest, and between the truth and a lie.

Kara Levis was admitted to the Bar in Alberta in 2008: