1. Despite many, many requests, the Ask-Her Association has repeatedly refused to provide a list, or any list, of those who made campaign donations to their cause, or the amounts of monies they’ve received, where those monies went, who spent what, who received what, etc, etc etc.

2. The Ask-Her Association still haven’t provided or filed any meaningful audited financial statements ever. see page titled CON JOB.


3. In early 2016, the Ask-Her Association Founders, made promises to the women of Calgary, that if they would come forward to run in the 2017 Calgary civic election, then each of the candidates would be provided with financial and material support.

4. However, Kara Levis stated to me in a telephone conversation, that the only monies that were paid out to any candidates by the Ask-Her Association was in late September of 2017, a full 3 weeks before the election. Levis also stated that those Monies only went to nine candidates, who shared the sum of $3,600.00 between them. So, only nine candidates received Four Hundred Dollars ($400) three weeks before the voters went to the polls.

5. Kara Levis also stated that the stated sum of $3,600.00 dollars came not from the Ask-Her Association accounts, but from the personal (pockets) accounts of the founding four members. Kara Levis also stated that they ( the candidates ) should be grateful that they received that.


6. What is VERY TROUBLING, is that Kara Levis, Kerry Cundal & Lindsay Amantea, all worked on Fellow Founders Esmahan Razavis failed election campaigns.  First in Ward 2 from 2016 to April 2017, and then for Razavi in Ward 6, after Razavi jumped ship from Ward 2 to Ward 6, cutting Grace Nelson off at the knees.

7. Razavi, reported to Calgary Elections that she raised $74,679.73c in donations, and spent all of those monies. Razavi also reported that she also spent $7,369.62c of her own monies. Further that Kerry Cundal donated $2,300.00 dollars  and Kara Levis donated $850.00 dollars to Razavi’s campaign.


8. What’s VERY VERY TROUBLING is what were Kara Levis, Kerry Cundal and Lindsay Amantea doing for the other Ask-Her candidates, whilst they were busy assisting their fellow Founding member Esmahan Razavi in Ward 2 and Ward 6. Whilst at the same time, backstabbing and betraying Grace Nelson who was their own nomination for the Ask-Her Association to run for Ward six (6).

9. What happened to the donations monies Razavi received from Ward 2, did she return them, did she spend them in Ward 6 ? There are no reports of any refunds to anyone in the accounting submitted by Esmahan Razavi.