Kerry Cundal has been appointed as the nominee to run in the 2023 Alberta Provincial elections on behalf of the Alberta Party in the riding of Calgary Elbow. Barry Morishita is well aware of the contents of this site and has openly lied rather than act on what he knows… Much More Coming.


Kara Levis and Kerry Cundal have managed to entrench themselves well into the upper echelons of the Alberta Party. To such an extent that they have convinced the hierarchy of the Alberta Party and others, that what’s published about them and the Ask Her Association is nothing more than a vendetta. (much more coming soon)

Well prior to the 2019 Alberta Provincial elections the hierarchy of the Alberta Party were well aware of the contents of this website and the facts published regarding Kara Levis, who was their candidate in Calgary Klein and who also came second in their leadership contest to Mandel.

They were also well aware, as to the many facts published on this site regarding Kerry Cundal and Cesar Agudelo who were at the time, members of the Alberta Party Board of Directors, yet they did nothing.

2019 ELECTIONS: The Alberta Party got decimated.


I have been in contact with Conrad Guay the new President of the Alberta Party, who was made President after serving in several senior positions. I made him aware of this website and it’s history. Guay admitted that this was the first time he was hearing any of this, that neither Kerry Cundal, nor Kara Levis, had mentioned anything to him, not even when Levis was being recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Alberta Party. Guay stated that he was going to do a full review of the contents and what we had discussed and would then get back to me with any questions and what his next steps would be.

CONRAD GUAY RESPONSE: Received on the 15th July 2019 (in full).

I’ve read your website. And I said that I would follow up with you if I had any questions. I don’t. I do however take issue with the fact that you clearly have no interest in helping the party or being honest or transparent with me. You’re only interest is a vendetta against 4 women politicians, which I will not get involved with. At no point did I say either Kara or Kerry were running for Acting Leader of the Alberta Party. Party business that is conducted by the Provincial Board of Directors will be communicated with Party members and supporters in a variety of ways, none of which will be by private text by me to anyone else. As I have reviewed your website, and my only promise was to follow up with any questions to you, which I have none. Never once did I say that I would be updating you on any future actions. Since you seem to take a great of liberty with our communications, and you appear to have a habit of creating WordPress websites regarding people you don’t like, I am concluding this conversation and our business is done. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. ”

Nowhere in Conrad Guays response, does he deny the veracity and truthfulness of the facts published on this website. In fact, within his non response, Guay does exactly the opposite, he validates what he was told and also what’s published on this site. Guays only defence to what he now knows, is that he was told that this website is nothing more than a vendetta against 4 women politicians.

Also according to Guay, informing him of serious issues that he doesn’t want to deal with, is not helping the Alberta Party at all. Yet how can Guay not have any follow up questions after what he was told, and then after reading the contents published here. It is obvious that Guay is playing Blind, Deaf and Dumb with his head buried in the sand, hoping all of this goes away.

It will be interesting to see whether the claims made by the Alberta Party of being an open, honest, transparent and accountable Party, will transcend into Conrad Guay informing his Board of Directors, and all of the other candidates applying for the position of Interim Leader of the Alberta Party, of what he now knows.

I’m pretty sure they’ll have lots of follow up questions.