Kara Levis and Kerry Cundal have managed to entrench themselves well into the upper echelons of the Alberta Party. To such an extent that they have convinced the President of the Alberta Party (Conrad Guay) and others, that the facts published about them and the Ask Her Association is nothing more than a vendetta. (much more coming soon)

 A formal request has been placed to Leela Aheer who is the new Minister for the Status of Women in Alberta for the UCP Govt. The request is for Minister Aheer to utilize the full force of her position & office to conduct investigations into the serious and disturbing concerns published on this & other websites, regarding the Ask Her Association.

# The Ask Her Association took down their official website (ask-her.org) months ago. The site hadn’t been updated for well over a year. They now say it’s under construction, undergoing a makeover and they’ll be back soon. Alberta Corporate Registry was again contacted on the 8th of August 2019 and they stated that the Ask Her Association have still not provided or filed any legitimate Annual (Financial Statements) Returns since they started in early 2016. (more to follow)